Arena-Flow® Software

Arena-Flow® software, utilizing revolutionary computational particle fluid dynamics (CPFD) technology, is the only software on the market today that can simulate granular sand motion and air flow within tooling, as well as the interaction between the two. The result produces a highly realistic and accurate simulation that inevitably leads to greater production efficiency and less scrap.


  • Reduce tooling start-up costs by reducing tool wear, core scrap, & casting scrap
  • Optimize tooling designs including blow tube and vent numbers and locations
  • Eliminate core-making guesswork and worry by establishing cycle times in advance
  • Select robust core-making equipment before capital money is spent
  • Reduce consumable costs by optimizing the process and cycle times

NEW: Arena-Flow® 7.4

Arena-Flow® 7.4 is the latest upgrade of the already revolutionary CPFD program software. Several value adding features have been incorporated into the new software: improved graphical interface (GUI), gas curing dialog customization and an enhanced color filling process. These upgrades and more, are sure to improve upon the already superior simulation software.