Total Cost of Ownership

Optimizing casting processes by use of foundry chemicals and the total-cost-of-ownership-concept

Total-cost-of-ownership (TCO) is a financial concept that considers direct, indirect, and sometimes even hidden cost factors of a manufacturing process along the complete value chain from raw material use to finished product. Foundry chemicals, e.g. binders and coatings, can have a decisive influence on cost structures of casting applications as they influence efficiency, productivity, and quality of processes in the core shop and in the production line at the same time. In addition, environmental and sustainable aspect are to be considered as well. The TCO-concept enables foundries to be more cost competitive and more sustainable in the future.  

In this webinar, our expert Nurettin Öztekin will explore the TCO-concept and its relevance for casting processes based on foundry chemicals. He will present the advantages of the TCO-concept as it applies to core and casting production and explain the positive impacts of binders, coatings, and additives.

Who shoulda attend this webinar?

  • Procurement and production managers
  • Product development engineers
  • Process engineers
  • Foundry managers, plant Engineers

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Nurettin Öztekin, Business Line Manager Coatings & Additives