Product solutions

In general, metallization is always preceded by penetration. In addition to the edges, overheated areas of the mold and the core that are poorly compacted are also at risk. Metallization can basically be prevented by mold material mixtures of sufficiently good quality with high sintering behavior and appropriate coatings.

ASK Chemicals offers the following solutions with regard to products and expertise:

  • Bentonites with high thermal resistance for the green sand molding method
  • Additives for core production
  • Materials that form lustrous carbon and prevent the formation of highly reactive oxides and slags
  • Checking the sintering behavior of molding base materials, bentonites and mold material mixtures
  • Creating assessments of mold materials in combination with complete mold material checks
  • Highly effective and highly refractory alcohol- and water-based coatings, coordinated to the molding base material and the material
  • Transferring expertise to improve the gating system to the effect that casting bursts and strong overheating of the mold and core components are prevented and to achieve better dissipation of casting gases that contain water vapor from the mold and improved core venting.