Product solutions

In the case that a chemical reaction takes place between the penetrating metal and the mold material, we describe this as burning, sintering, or usually metallization. It is thus only possible to draw a line between roughness and penetration under consideration of the grain size of the mold material.


ASK Chemicals offers the following support and solutions with regard to products and expertise:

  • Creating complete mold material analyses (for example grain size, grain particle size distribution, proportion of sediment, sintering behavior, etc.) and creating assessments of mold materials
  • Highly effective materials that form lustrous carbon as well as mixtures of bentonite and GKB
  • Bentonites that require a small amount of water for dispersion and exhibit high thermal resistance
  • Highly effective additives for the core molding material
  • Effective water- and alcohol-based coatings by using appropriate refractory base materials
  • Transferring expertise to improve the gating system to the effect that casting bursts and strong overheating of the mold and core components are prevented and to achieve better dissipation of casting gases that contain water vapor from the mold and improved core venting.