Product solutions

It is essentially impossible to prevent shrink holes from forming; it is possible to shift the shrink holes to areas outside the cast piece by means of casting- and foundry-related measures, the correct feedstock, and various aids.

ASK Chemicals offers the following solutions with regard to products and expertise:

  • The ASK simulation services make it possible to simulate mold filling and solidification to optimize the feeding and gating system and to ensure directional solidification.
  • Complete riser program (EXACTCAST™ mini risers, exothermic risers, insulating risers, etc.)
  • Transferring expertise in the consistent use of feeding technology, also for the possible application of cooling coils to increase the local heat dissipation.
  • Optimized inoculants, treatment wires and alloys for preconditioning
  • Transferring expertise in the selection of the correct metallic charge materials, the optimum inoculation method and preconditioning