Product solutions

Veining is influenced by the high-temperature behavior of the binder, e.g. its thermoplasticity or hot tensile strength. The liquid metal that surrounds the core causes a temperature gradient between the surface and the center of the core. This involves stress that develops as a result of structure-related expansion processes of the molding base material (usually silica sand).

ASK Chemicals offers the following solutions with regard to products and expertise:

  • Performing analyses of the molding sand to determine the degree of uniformity, which should be low
  • Transferring expertise in the consistent selection of the correct resins for the respective case of application
  • Using mold material additions, i.e. mineral-based and organically based additives, for the production of cores
  • Highly effective and highly refractory alcohol- and water-based coatings – depending on the molding base material, the binder and the material
  • Transferring expertise in the optimization of the possible molding base materials.