Epoxy-SO2-System / ISOSET

ISOSET is born in 1983 from the combination of both Acrylate free Radical polymerization process and Epoxy/SO2 process.

ISOSETis an Acrylic-Epoxy SO2 Process. The SO2 is the catalyst required to initiate the Free radical polymerization of both component.

The unique benefits of ISOSET are:

  • Indefinite mixed sand benchlife
    • Huge operational up-time benefits
    • Added quality benefit of consistent core quality
    • No waste sand disposal
  • Increasing productivity          
    • Fastest core making speed
    • Biggest improvement for the biggest cores
  • Superior strengths and toughness of the cores
    • Improved toughness vs. PUCB
    • Better flexibility and toughness for reduced core breakage
    • Ideal for Complex core geometry
  • Reduction of gas defects vs. PUCB
    • Different gas evolution profile (early vs late)
    • Coordinate gas evolution with solidification profile
    • Zero nitrogen, zero solvent products
  • Superior hot shake-out in Aluminum casting
  • Better erosion resistance in Iron casting with Thermoshield technology
  • Reduced veining in iron casting
    • Less Refractory coating requirement
    • Less sand additive requirement
    • Reduction of fettling time and fettling cost
  • Low emission technology
    • Lower curing gas fugitive emission
    • VOC Reduction vs PUCB
    • Easier waste disposal (Spent scrubber solution)

Frank Lenzen
Technical Product Manager Cold Box

Mark Beers
Technical Product Manager Cold Box