Product Solutions


  • High process reliability
  • Excellent processing properties, even with moderate sand qualities (long sand bench life)
  • Excellent resistance to water-based coatings
  • Low gas content


  • High productivity
  • Reduced amine and binder consumption
  • Reduced emissions


The "high efficiency" cold box binder system sets the benchmark in ecology and economy! Increasing the added value is a major goal for the further development of the cold box process. This involves making it possible to add the smallest possible amount of binders. This can have a positive impact on multiple factors, such as catalyst consumption, odor, emissions, core box cleanliness or the formation of gas. This offers advantages for quality, productivity and the environment and ensures a high savings potential.
This is precisely what the new “high efficiency” cold box binder system from ASK Chemicals offers.

Binder consumption is 25% lower on average thanks to high efficiency cold box systems from ASK Chemicals that offer the following:

  • BTX emissions are up to 42% lower (cost savings and protection of the environment and your staff).
  • Amine consumption is up to 25% lower (cost savings and reduction of emissions and odor).
  • A number of shots that is up to 16% higher (cost savings and increased productivity).
  • Formation of gas and condensate is up to 25% lower (higher tool availability, therefore time saving in terms of cleaning and increased productivity).

Precisely tailored amine catalysts for hardening the ISOCURE and ECOCURE binder systems are available with the 700 catalyst series.


Fewer solvents mean fewer emissions in the foundry process. With the new Cold Box binder system from the successful ECOCURE series, ASK Chemicals is making another important contribution to lowering emissions, specifically for aluminum casting.

ECOCURE SL (Solvent Less) completely eliminates the need for solvents in part 2 of the Cold Box formulation, by using a combination of isocyanate and selected additives. Together with part 1, which was specially developed for it, Ecocure SL achieves a significant reduction in emissions, saves energy and materials, and also considerably improves the handling properties.