Design Services

ASK Chemicals Design Services Group provides value added services to foundry customers, optimizing casting designs and manufacturing processes from initial design concept to full scale production. The Design Services Group specializes in increasing foundry quality, productivity and profitability in your core making and casting process.
Our engineers and project managers have over 140 years of foundry experience and have a clear understanding of all aspects of the metal casting process. ASK Chemicals Design Services Group has the right combination of engineering and simulation expertise, unique alliance partnerships and extensive experience to provide our customers the ideal way to improve design for manufacturing and to reduce time to market with optimized casting designs and manufacturing processes.

ASK Chemicals Design Services Group is a key part of the comprehensive combination of products and services ASK offers their customers - allowing the ability to fulfill their casting manufacturing requirements from a single company who is fully dedicated to their needs.

Benny Daniels

Head of Technical Service Europe
Phone: +49 211 71103-45

Thomas Brandt

Project Manager Design Services Americas
Phone: +1 614 763-0212