Arena-Flow for Windows

Arena-flow® - Windows-based application

The ASK Chemicals Design Services Group is proud to announce that Arena-flow - industry leading sand/core simulation software - is currently available on Windows.  The longstanding Linux-based software is now more accessible than ever.  In addition, its greatest conversion barriers were singlehandedly eliminated by adopting the world's most widely used platform: licensing management, internal integration (IT) and platform familiarity.  At last, casting simulation engineers can house the finest software/tools under one platform roof (Microsoft).  Arena-flow is the most advanced particle-flow simulation software available.  Contact ASK Chemicals to complete your software mix today! 


Thomas Brandt
Project Manager Design Services Americas
Phone: +1 (614) 763-0212

What is Arena-flow?

Arena-flow is a revolutionary package for core-making and tooling design; it’s based on the science of two phase computational fluid dynamics, (CPFD) enabling technology that makes the modeling of core blowing possible. Arena-flow is the only foundry engineering software package which uses the revolutionary CPFD technology to model sand core filling and curing. CPFD simulates not only the granular sand motion and air flow in the tooling, but also the significant interaction between the two. 

Consistent core quality is a prerequisite for achieving controllable casting quality. Low-density cores result in core breakage or unacceptable metal penetration. High density cores lead to shake-out difficulty or gas-related casting defects. Uniform, consistent, controllable core quality is desired.

Arena-flow gives you the information needed to accurately and efficiently solve foundry problems. Arena-flow enables you to:

produce consistent cores with confidence gain insight into core-related casting defects minimize scrap

How does Arena-flow lead to cost savings?

While quality is important, it seems everything becomes more urgent when directly impacting the company bottom line. Defects have a cost. The cost increases depending on whether the defects result in merely scrap cores or also scrap castings. If the quality-assurance is not adequate, then castings are put into operation resulting in recalls or a "poor-quality" image, which is far more costly.

Alternately, some foundries have high quality. Here the cost-savings obtained by using Arena-flow are not related to defect reduction, but rather process optimization. Arena-flow enables you to:

  • Reduce new tooling startup costs optimize process cycle time minimize capital costs
  • Minimize scrap
  • Minimize consumable usage reduce machine down time
  • Reduce tooling maintenance costs

Is Arena-flow designed with cold box resin systems in mind?

Today, cold box core blowing remains one of the primary applications of Arena-flow world-wide. The Arena-flow Graphical User Interface (GUI) has a specific "binder-coated sand" core blowing module with features specific to cold box cores. Sand core engineering physical models include:

  • Sand particle size distribution
  • Multiple sand species
  • Core fill and miss-fill
  • Core density variations
  • Tool wear
  • Resin wipe-off
  • Sand flowability (binder effects)
  • Magazine performance and rat-holing
  • Discrete vent models

Can Arena-flow accomodate other situations, like "shell sand"?

Other Arena-flow customers utilize a shell sand process. The Arena-flow "shell sand" core blowing module has many of the same features as the "binder-coatedsand" module, but model parameters are set specifically for shell sand processes. Sand core engineering physical models include:

  • Sand particle size distribution
  • Multiple sand species
  • Core fill and miss-fill
  • Core density variations
  • Tool wear
  • Sand flowability
  • Discrete vent models including: circular vents, slit vents, parting line venting, vent
  • Clogging, etc.

Can Arena-flow model the "gas curing" process?

Filling the core with sand is only one part of the sand core creation process. A core is useless until it is hardened. Arena-flow's "gas curing" module is used to optimize this potentially time-consuming process. Features include: 

  • Steady-state air flow
  • Transient amine curing
  • Transiant gas / purge pressure profile
  • Sand size effects
  • Discrete vent models

Arena-flow is available to customers through software licensing agreements or engineering service contracts.

Customers who license the software technology receive unlimited usage for one year, continuous technical support, and software updates. Engineering service contracts can include a wide array of support including custom design projects with tooling engineers and face –to –face guidance in using the software to solve specific problems.