What is Arena-flow?

Arena-flow® is a CPFD® (Computational Particle Fluid Dynamics) simulation software designed for the foundry industry, specifically for core production. As a CPFD based software Arena-flow® treats particles as discrete entities. Traditional continuum flow software does not; rather, it assumes any particle at rest, or moving, is a fluid. Beyond this most basic difference, Arena-flow® allows you to control particle size, as well as particle density. This is important for accurately predicting core sand compaction. It also predicts particle-wall collisions, as well as particle loading.

Why CPFD matters in Core Production

In short, a simulation based on sand flow will behave differently than one based on fluid/liquid flow. Fluids are assumed to have a continuous flow, meaning they will fill an empty space when flowing from a particular force. Fluid dynamic software are based on this concept and have a more traditional continuum flow. Yet, when assessing non-fluid materials, such as sand, a granular simulation phase must be considered as well. Arena-flow® is designed to account for discrete particle flows, including both the solver and grid generator.

Applicable Core Technologies

The Arena-flow Graphical User Interface (GUI) has a specific “binder-coated sand” core-blowing module with features specific tomultiple core making technologies:

  • The cold box process
  • The shell sand process
  • The warm box process
  • The hot box process 
  • The inorganic process

Cost Savings Potential 

By optimizing blowing and gassing cycle-times Arena-flow® perfects a core before it’s ever produced, leading to substantial cost savings.
Core filling analysis on existing processes may also reveal inefficiencies, such as undesirable fill patterns or poor venting leading to high core and casting scrap rates. With Arena-flow® you can improve your problem solving capabilities…keeping your profitability high.

Cost savings associated with Arena-flow®:

  • Cost saving components
  • Reduce tool cleaning, wear, wipe-off
  • Reduce material usage (amines)
  • Reduce core / casting scrap
  • Reduce downtime / increase productivity
  • Reduce tooling start-up cost and time
  • Reduce new core box design lead times
  • Shorten new tooling lead times
  • Reduce trial and error

Demonstration videos

Our demanstration videos show you how to get started with the Arena-flow® Software in 10 easy steps. Additionally, find introduction on filling, density and sand speed in this software. 

Watch the videos now