Cold Box Binder

High-performance advantages for the highest requirements

The cold box process is a high-performance, highly productive core manufacturing method that is used in large series production of cast parts in particular and features high process reliability and productivity. The defining feature of the cold box process is its high reactivity, which makes short production cycles possible for core production. ASK Chemicals has not only succeeded in further developing the process in terms of productivity but also with regard to humans and the environment.
Our cold box systems offer you the following advantages:
The advantages for the environment and your staff

  • Reduced odor in core production and casting.
  • Low emissions of BTX gases.
  • Low monomer content.
  • Low-odor, nonhazardous solvents.

The advantage of increased productivity

  • Faster cycle times thanks to high reactivity.
  • Higher tool availability thanks to lower contamination from condensate and a lower tendency for adhesion.
  • Time saving since cleaning the core box requires less work.
  • Long sand bench life thanks to high strength.

The advantage of increased quality

  • Fewer casting defects thanks to process-optimized binders.
  • High dimensional consistency of the core
    during production and while the coating is drying thanks to high strength.
  • High dimensional consistency during casting thanks to high deformation stability.
  • High core quality and stability thanks to high process reliability and high strengths.

The advantage of cost reduction

  • Reduced binder consumption thanks to higher efficiency
  • High tool availability thanks to lower contamination from condensate and a lower tendency for adhesion
  • Fewer cores are rejected thanks to higher stability
  • Reduced catalyst consumption thanks to high reactivity

Frank Lenzen
Technical Product Manager Cold Box

Mark Beers
Technical Product Manager Cold Box