No-Bake Technology

ASK Chemicals has been a leader in developing No-Bake technology for many years. As innovators in the field, we have been developing and establishing the PEP SET system in foundries since the early 1970s. The development of PU No-Bake systems has revolutionized the manufacture of cores and molds in the foundry industry.

Our solutions are invariably engineered to satisfy the key attributes desired by the market: improved quality, greater productivity and environmental characteristics.

To produce such solutions, the work of our R&D department is vital. This can be described as the interplay of innovation-driven research and customer-driven development. Today’s foundries need to satisfy increasingly complex requirements – reduced emissions, consistent high-quality casting, and the ability to cope with the cost pressure that many foundries are facing are just some of the instances here. Such requirements necessitate more than just strong partnerships and outstanding technologies: rather, first-class research and development that focuses on developing efficient, environmentally friendly solutions.

At ASK Chemicals, we provide our customers with valuable services that complement our range of products. Our application technology and technical sales specialists in particular always assess the entire production process as a whole. Only this approach allows for customer-specific solutions that are precisely tailored to meet customer requirements.

Our design service will systematically optimize the entire process jointly with customers – from concept development to serial production – and indicate significant potential savings and improvements in doing so.

A well-established Authority in No-Bake Technology

  • Leaders in all No-Bake technologies
  • Unmatched product development
  • A focus on sustainability
  • Holistic value-added services