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Interview with Dr. Jens Müller our Global Head of Research & Development

In this interview, Dr Jens Müller, Global Head of Research & Development at ASK Chemicals GmbH, sets out the case for holistic sustainable operations. Because, in his opinion, sustainable entrepreneurial activities extend beyond simple environmental awareness. At the forthcoming GIFA, the world’s leading trade fair for foundry technology, which will be taking place in Düsseldorf from 25 to 29 June 2019, ASK Chemicals full colors will be on display for environmentally sound and sustainable solutions.

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Product highlights

Optimizing Environmental Protection and Occupational Health and Safety, Increasing Productivity


Protecting the environment and employees from emissions: This is one of the biggest challenges currently in the foundry industry. ASK Chemicals uses its innovative product portfolio to help customers produce sustainably – with additional advantages for economic efficiency and quality. Foundries can therefore meet stringent regulatory requirements, without having to make big investments in additional filter and exhaust systems.

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VEINO ULTRA 2000 additive reduces release agent application and increases tool availability

The increase in material efficiency - that is the ratio of production quantity to material input - is an important factor in reducing production costs and increasing competitiveness. New product developments can contribute to increasing efficiency, that is to say achieving the same or higher performance at lower dosages, or they offer the additional benefit of saving other materials in the process or reducing their consumption.

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New low-formaldehyde system for cold box production

German foundries are faced with the challenge of reducing formaldehyde emissions in the exhaust gas flow of their existing plants from 20 mg/m3 (mass concentration) to 5 mg/m3 by February 2020 at the latest. At GIFA 2019, ASK Chemicals will present a specially designed binder-additive-coating package that allows foundries to comply with this new limit value without investing in additional secondary measures.

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Innovative EXACTPORE 3D filter generation

With its innovative EXACTPORE 3D filters, ASK Chemicals offers investment casters as well as iron and steel foundries new and more efficient filtration options for the highest casting quality. Thanks to their particularly sophisticated and well thought-through design, EXACTPORE 3D filters provide the highest structural integrity and thus safety and efficiency in use.

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Efficient MIRATEC TC technology shows best performance in turbocharger casting

To meet increasingly stringent carbon regulations, a rethinking of drive conceptsis required for the long-term. Until e-mobility can be used across the board, however, "conventional" drive technology will be further downsized in conjunction with ever more powerful turbocharger technology in order to be able to satisfy the aforementioned requirements. To withstand higher exhaust gas temperatures, for example, turbocharger components are now cast in steel, a process which places new demands on coating technology.

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