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Highlights: Press tour of the ASK Chemicals standDE EN

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ASK Chemicals presents its binder technologies for additive manufacturing processes

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More efficiency in the process chain gives an edge over the competition DE ENDownload
Innovations for greater sustainability in the foundry industry DE ENDE EN
New low-formaldehyde system for cold box productionDE ENDE EN

Speakers / Experts

Jörg Brotzki, Exectuvive Vice President EuropeDownloadDownload
Dr. Christian Appelt, Gloabl Business Manager InorganicsDownloadDownload
Dr. Jens Müller, Global Head of R & D and InnovationDownloadDownload
Dr. Ingo Ederer, Voxeljet AGDownloadDownload

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Data sheet VX1000-S IOB EN
Datenblatt VX1000-S IOBDE