Turbo charger castings

Turbocharger castings for new high-performance engines require a material that is tailored to the behavior of the component, not least because of the targeted reduction in exhaust gases and increased performance. With increasing unit size and performance, the demands placed on these highly stressed cast components is increasing.

In addition to the general turbocharger casting, precise casting specifics for the turbine housing, the turbine wheel, and the bearing housing must be observed. Our solutions meet the highest technical requirements.

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Brake disc castings

The requirements for brake disc casting are enormous: high heat capacity and mechanical strength, good abrasion properties, and smooth running. Factors such as higher vehicle weights, more powerful engines, and more effective brake calipers place high demands on the material properties of the brake discs, both thermally and mechanically.

That is why we have complete system solutions in our portfolio for brake disc casting.

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Engine block castings

State-of-the-art engine production is constantly being driven by efforts to reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. Of course, economic success must not be forgotten. With a lot of development effort, countless measures have been developed by manufacturers with the help of automotive suppliers and implemented in series production.

We have compiled examples and possible solutions for you.

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Wind energy castings

Wind turbines are designed for a calculated service life of 20 years, i.e. ideally the machine should work continuously for 20 years. The fatigue strength of the material is therefore especially important. To make matters worse, large-volume, thin-walled castings are generally required to keep the weight of the wind turbine as low as possible.

ASK Chemicals is developing system solutions especially for large castings for wind turbines in cooperation with its partners, which deal with the high demands on binder systems with regard to dimensional accuracy, high temperature stability, and low-sulfur furan resin systems. 

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Cylinder head castings

The cylinder head determines an engine's operating behavior, such as power yield, torque, exhaust emission behavior, fuel consumption, and acoustics, more than almost any other component of the engine. It contains the essential elements for the mechanical control of the gas exchange or combustion. The valve control is of particular importance.

We have looked at and compared the casting processes, cylinder head technology and solutions for cylinder head casting in detail for you.

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