With our REZIANCE portfolio we offer high-performance phenolic resin for a broad range of industrial applications.

Explore the advantages of our products, illustrated by inspiring success stories. Learn how companies enhance their efficiency and minimize expenses with our experts solutions - without compromising on performance.

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Dust-suppressed powder resins

See our option of dust-suppressed powder resins to greatly reduce the occurrence of air-borne dust

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Replacement of melamine resin

Find out how to replace melamine resin in backing impregnation

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Improving wear- and fade resistance

Discover a completely new approach to wear-resistance technology

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Enhanced stock removal

Learn how to enhance stock removal on flap discs and heavy-duty belts

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Improvement of blisters

Here you can find out how to improve blisters in commercial vehicle linings

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Fast curing phenolic resin

Learn how to replace the standard grade to achieve improvments

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Reduction of reject rate

Read how to reduce reject rates in truck lining manufacture

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Water based solution

Water-based solution for impregnation of woven yarns for brake-linings in mining winders

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