ASK Chemicals presents new and proven solutions to Indian foundries

On stage: solutions for automotive castings and large steel castings

Hilden (Germany) / Pune (India), December 6, 2017. – At IFEX 2018, in Gandhinagar from January 10 to 12, 2018, ASK Chemicals India will present new and proven solutions to the Indian foundry market such as high-performance coatings for serial automotive castings or ECP binders for steel applications. With EXACTCASTTM KMV mini-risers for steel applications, ASK Chemicals opens up new dimensions to steel foundries.

Special coating for clean motor block castings: MIRATECTM TS
An essential requirement for motor block castings is the easy peeling off of the coating in internal casting geometries as well as the avoidance of deposits in the casting component. The new MIRATECTM TS coating fully meets these requirements, providing clean and perfect motor block castings (Fig. 1).
MIRATECTM TS is ideally recommended for thermally stressed sand cores. The usual defects that can occur with motor block castings, such as veining, penetration or gas porosity, are avoided by the improved efficacy of refractory material that this new coating offers. Good gas permeability, even with very thick coating layers, helps to further reduce casting defects. Additionally, a special penetration inhibitor that stops the migration of water into the sand core surface supports short time intervals for a drying furnace.

At this year’s congress, Dr. Reinhard Stötzel, Global Coatings Expert, will be presenting a paper on MIRATECTM TS coating technology. In his paper, he shares five years of application experience where the coating has proven to be an excellent solution to satisfy the ever-rising demands of the OEMs regarding casting cleanliness, defect-free casting, and lower casting wall strengths.

Highly recommended for steel applications – NOVASETTM
With its portfolio of ECP binders, the supplier of foundry consumables offers a wide range of products that meet every requirement. Their excellent properties, such as high heat resistance, sufficient thermo-plasticity, and minimized casting defect rates, make these binders particularly suited to large-scale casting in the steel industry. NOVASETTM is a two-component binder system composed of a water-based resol and a liquid ester as the reaction partner. The unique water-based and sulfur-free system eases the burden on the environment significantly. A key advantage of the system is the extremely low development of odor and VOCs during core production and casting. In addition, the system is nitrogen-free. For the thermal reclamation of ECP sands, ASK Chemicals provides an extensive portfolio of additives.

Maximized yield with EXACTCASTTM KMV mini-riser technology
Frequently, fiber sleeves are used in steel casting applications. These conventional sleeves contain, in addition to the fibers, rice husks that may lead to casting defects. Moreover, these slurry sleeves do not utilize their full volume for counteracting shrinkage defects, so that the effective yield is only 30%. The remaining 70% of the volume is used to maintain the heat in the 30% of the molten metal needed for feeding. This is exactly where the cold-box-bonded EXACTCASTTM KMV mini-risers come in, offering a fiber-free solution for steel casting. The volume of the riser can be reduced without sacrifice to the feeding performance. The exothermic compound replaces the non-feeding material and maintains the metal in its molten state. The EXACTCASTTM KMV mini-risers therefore represent an efficient and reliable alternative to conventional slurry sleeves. Thanks to this saving, the foundry can now produce more cast parts with a single furnace batch or even serve entirely new markets without investing in expanding the furnace capacity. The lower riser residue on the cast part means that the reworking costs per piece are also lowered (Fig. 2).

ASK Chemicals’ well-known high-quality products are available both from local and international production. ASK Chemicals India Pvt. Ltd. will start its local binder production in February 2018.