The newest generation of engineered additives makes an important contribution when it comes to making foundry processes more productive and efficient.
Unlike conventional additives with a simple composition (often iron oxides or wood flour), which are purely auxiliary materials for the avoidance of veining and penetration in the casting, the new generation of engineered additives are complex built-up solid mixtures that perform multiple functions and offer valuable additional benefits.


The lithium-free additive VEINO ULTRA 2000 is an Engineered Additive which, depending on the application, generates more advantages in the overall process and therefore differs significantly from other conventional additives.

Advantages of VEINO ULTRA 2000

  • Lithium-free hybrid additive
  • Low dosage
  • Very good flowability of the molding material with a high copy accuracy
  • Reduces release agent application due to the excellent release effect of the additive
  • Less core box contamination than without the additive
  • Higher tool availability
  • Good anti-veining properties

To get more and detailed information, please have a look at our additive presentation with examples from foundries (German language only) here or just contact us here.