As part of the measures for preventing casting defects, additives are a tried-and-true solution. A small addition, for instance, can remedy several common defects (e.g. surface-based defects). However, at ASK Chemicals we are advancing additive technology beyond common uses. Our engineers – working alongside our customers – are discovering speciality additives that can reduce the use of expensive sands and, in some instances, replace coatings entirely. Within cold box production, in particular, this revelation could reduce costs substantially and enhance productivity. Dimensional accuracy compliance is equally relevant where additives may substitute coatings in thin-walled castings. Ultimately, coating-free production offers reduced material costs alongside the elimination of peripheral coating equipment, resulting in major savings.

Improved results through innovative additives

  • Effective against casting defects
  • Improved surface quality
  • Uncoated casting Substitution of expensive special sands
  • Reduced cleaning costs
  • Better machine/ core box availability
  • Environmentally friendly solutions
  • Holistic services

Major additive composition types

Inorganic additives

  • No gas and odor emissions
  • Excellent strength
  • Good bench life
  • Casting without coating possible

Hybrid additives

  • Low gas and odor emissions
  • Low addition rates
  • Casting without coating possible
  • Ideal for steel applications

Organic additives

  • Low addition rates
  • Good flowability
  • Renewable raw material