Versatile alcohol-based coatings prevent defects

Due to its versatility, VELVACOAT is an ideal coating for multiple applications and metal types. It was engineered specifically to mitigate burn-in and penetration defects. Additionally VELVACOAT coatings provide excellent casting surfaces. They can be used for multiple applications, including brushing, spraying, flow coatings and dipping.


  • Fewer casting defects and excellent casting surfaces
  • Very fast drying and flammable
  • Available in cooler burning formulations
  • Universal coating


Innovative coatings for serial casting production

MIRATEC water-based coatings are the highest performing in their class. When applied using the dipping method, MIRATEC is ideal for automotive applications, as it has the shortest cycle times. MIRATEC coatings provide an even coating layer especially with complex core packages or challenging core geometries. Thanks to its engineered formulation and tailored characteristics (e.g. gas permeability), the innovative coating technology reduces casting defects and provides an excellent surface finish.


  • Enhanced refractoriness
  • Short drying times
  • Short manipulation time
  • Fewer casting defects and excellent casting surfaces


Water-based coatings for brushing, spraying or flow coating application

SOLITEC coatings are highly recommended for flow coating big and/or complex geometries. SOLITEC coatings impress with the shortest drying times in their application area. The coating is offered in several innovative color-changing formulations that represent a visual wet/dry-indicator. This unique characteristic ensures the integrity of the coating within the production process. Additionally, high performance formulations (e.g. zircon-free, sulphur stop, burn-in barrier) vastly improve the surface finish, which leads to reduced cleaning costs.


  • Short air-drying time and enhanced refractoriness
  • Excellent application properties
  • Fewer casting defects and excellent casting surfaces


The multifunctional high-performing water-based coating

CERAMCOTE coatings were specifically designed for the Lost Foam and Full Mold technologies. A staple within the industry, CERAMCOTE provides superior performance and consistency to the automotive and non-automotive markets. Utilizing a special proprietary formulation, ASK Chemicals has optimized the rheological properties of CERAMCOTE (i.e. viscosity and layer thickness). Stable viscosity determines the evenness of the coating layer to prevent casting defects such as metal penetration, burn-on defects, cracks and scabs. CERAMCOTE offers superior bond strength and ductility. The dried coating can withstand even the most severe mechanical stress during sand compaction. This coating line is available for the following application methods: brushing, spraying, flow coatings and dipping.


  • Tailored permeability and insulating characteristics
  • Adopted strength, ductility (dried coating) and rigidity