Latest Cold Box Platform Technology

By using ECOCURE BLUE, the Cold Box binder without hazardous ingredients in part I (see fig. 1) that are subject to compulsory labeling, you clearly commit to environmental protection and to employee health. This new binder system reduces BTX emissions in the casting process as well as the phenol content in the reclaimed sand. At the same time, this binder system is in no way inferior to the best binder systems presently available on the market, when it comes to reactivity, strength and casting results.

Figure 1: Comparison Standard Cold Box Binder and ECOCURE BLUE

Consistent refinement and further development of ECOCURE HE binders by a combination with the ECOCURE BLUE platform

The new ECOCURE BLUE-platform combines the already well-known advantages of the ECOCURE HE series with further advantages for employees and environment.

The development of the ECOCURE HE binders specifically aimed at reducing the binder content of Cold Box cores as far as possible without losing technical properties or quality, especially quality of the casting result, and at the same time to achieve a reduction of emissions. The development of the new platform technology ECOCURE BLUE additionally aimed at reducing the monomer content and above all the content of free phenol.

The ECOCURE BLUE platform technology can be used with all catalysts available on the market as well with all different sand qualities and numerous sand additives. Only part 2 of the Cold Box formulation is unavoidably based on isocyanate, which must be declared (see table 1).

Table 1: Labeling of common Cold Box systems
* According to CLP regulation

The use of the ECOCURE BLUE platform makes it possible to reduce emissions in the whole process, starting from core production via the pouring process right up to demolding without having to forego the advantages of the High Efficiency technology with its ability to systematically optimize immediate strengths.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Free of hazardous ingredients*
  • Combines the advantages of ECOCURE HE Cold Box binders with high environmental compatibility
  • Can be combined with ECOCURE HE binder
  • Free phenol < 1 %, free formaldehyde < 0,1 %
  • Savings with logistics and storage