INFORM M for magnesium treatment

INFORM M cored wires are a highly effective and reliable method for introducing magnesium to molten metal. These highly innovative wires are designed in multiple diameters. They are extremely easy to handle and ideal for automated processes. ASK Chemicals INFORM M cored wires are guaranteed to have been produced to the highest quality.

Your benefits

  • Well-adjusted compositions to your specific foundry needs
  • Small addition and exact dosing
  • Simple handling, easy to automate
  • Good traceability and documentation

Mg cored wire treatment for DI and CGI

This offers flexibility with regard to changing initial conditions such as the sulfur content, treatment temperature, and iron quantity. Additionally, relatively constant Mg values can be achieved despite different initial sulfur values and treatment temperatures. Lastly, handling and treatment costs can be reduced. Environmentally friendly because of targeted exhausting.

Classification of Mg-treatment wires

Improvement of workplace conditions & significant cost savings

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