Our Expert's Voice

Thomas Hützen, Head of Design Service and Key Account Engineer

I started with my career at ASK in 2012 as an Applications Engineer. Now, I am the Head of Design Services and a Key Account Technician. Therefore, I lead Design Services at ASK and deliver technical advice and support to key accounts and other customers. In Design Services we supervise the production process from the development of a casting through validation to the building of a prototype and serial production. We have the necessary combination of construction, production and simulation know-how for this process. These exciting and diverse tasks make the work at ASK so rewarding. Communication on equal terms and working together with very good colleagues are aspects that I particularly value.

Berat Yavuz, Head of Technical Service Metallurgy

I started as a salesman for metallurgical products at ASK in January 2015 because I was looking for a company that was globally active in the area of metallurgy where I would have opportunities to develop my career long-term. Despite my background in Business Administration, I had quite a few skills in the area of metallurgy which is why I found the industry so interesting. In October 2016, I transferred to the Business Line Management for the European region (EMEA), from where I developed to Head of Technical Service Metallurgy. Since then I support the sales team commercially, develop product strategies, implement marketing strategies and fulfill a number of cross-functional tasks. The great thing about ASK in addition to these diverse assignments, is the cooperative working climate amongst colleagues, the flat hierarchies and consequently high level of responsibility that results. It is very exciting to see how ASK is continuously growing from a mid-size company to a globally-aligned corporation.

Christian Appelt, Global Incubator Business Manager Inorganics

After finishing my doctorate in Chemistry at the Westfaelische Wilhelms University in Muenster, I started working at ASK Chemicals GmbH in 2014 as Head of the Laboratory for the product line Inorganic Binders in the Research & Development (R&D) department.

I was particularly fascinated by the chance to participate in the complete process of making chemical products from development to end use, as well as the opportunity to influence questions of ecological footprint, quality and productivity in large-scale, industrial casting applications with chemical product formulations. Interdisciplinary inquiries and the cooperative work with subject matter experts from the areas of engineering and materials science challenge me daily. My colleagues from the R&D, production, application technology, sales, and myself pursue with passion, courage and enthusiasm to solve these challenges. Since 2016, I am globally responsible for the product group Inorganics, as the Global Incubator Business Manager. This has expanded my daily worklife additionally with international travel and intercultural encounters. Further to supporting existing market segments, I also help develop new areas of application as part of the business development department – shifting challenges and tasks are consequently part of the daily agenda. To accomplish this, I can depend on the support and experience of my colleagues at ASK.

Jitka Fialova, Master Data Management

I started working for ASK in June 2007 as a Management Assistant in Customer Service for East Europe. During the years, I have gained many experiences and responsibilities – e.g. Controlling, Marketing, Finance etc. The plant in Brno, Czech Republic is quite small. Therefore, I had a variety of duties in my local position which I found very interesting. Every day was different. I learned a lot and enjoyed this work. Since September 2019, after more than 12 years, I joined the Master Data Management team of ASK in Germany. It is a global role and it is very different from my last position. Now, I specialize in one area. I still stay in the office in Brno, Czech Republic, but I work for the headquarters company. I am very pleased that ASK gave me the chance to make this change and expand my knowledge.

Adam Omelanski, Managing Director of ASK Chemicals Polska

I graduated from the University of Science and Technology, Foundry department in June 2004. Three months later I joined ASK Chemicals.

First, I started as a Sales Engineer and after 3 years, I became a Manager for Applictaion Technology. Since September 2018, I am the Managing Director of ASK Chemicals Polska. Apart from the fact that I manage our branch in Poland, I am also responsible for price negotiations, and contact with our key customers in Poland and our agent in Ukraine. Thanks to my experienced colleagues from ASK, I understood that a good product would defend itself. I followed this path and determined that price negotiations become easier when you can prove that a more expensive product can have benefits. I really enjoy working at ASK because my work is very diverse. I am in contact and work with many different people. I am a problem-solver and it is a great feeling to see that our clients appreciate our work, and that we contribute to their success. The management part of my job is challenging and allows me to be creative in making rational, key decisions. 

Ronaldo Rodrigues, Junior Technical Product Manager Coatings

In August 2017, I started as a weeking student in application technology at ASK Chemicals in Hilden, Germany. At the same time, I studied the master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering (M.Sc.) with focus on foundry technology at the University of Duisburg-Essen. In order to be able to combine my theoretical knowledge directly with practical experience, I wrote my master's thesis at ASK Chemicals in collaboration with one of our largest customers. Besides the master thesis, my main tasks were to support the test foundry (pilot plant) and to accompany numerous development projects for the product areas cold box, inorganic binders, coatings, additives, and inoculants. After completing my master's degree, I started full-time as a Junior Technical Product Manager Coatings. The fact that I was involved in the day-to-day work of the technical center right from the start and the variety of challenging tasks make working at ASK so interesting. You feel like part of a family from day one, because all colleagues share the enthusiasm for the foundry industry. Working on projects that not only offer added value for our customers, but also added value for the environment through the development of sustainable products, fascinates and motivates me most.

I am very happy that ASK Chemicals is offering me the opportunity for professional development. 

Ronja Müller, Chemical Laboratory Assistance

Three weeks of school internship got me in touch with ASK for the first time. After this intership, the decision was made that I wanted to work in the chemical industry. In 2008, I started my apprenticeship as a chemical laboratory assistant at the plant in Wülfrath, Germany. After successfully completing my qualification, I had the choice of moving to Hilden, Germany or staying in Wülfrath, Germany. I decided to move to Hilden, Germany, because there I gained new insights into the foundry world. Together with the Inotec team, I advance the development of environmentally friendly products. I really enjoy the research and to this day, I have not run out of ideas.

Takanori Fukuno, Technical Sales, ASK Chemicals Japan

I joined ASK Chemicals Japan in 2013. Currently I belong to the sales department and work mainly with automobile OEMs. I am responsible for product management of Inorganics and Release.

What I like about ASK Chemicals is the supportive culture through the global network, which feels like a huge family. When I confront issues, not only in my home country but worldwide, professionals around the globe will support me. This can be achieved by tools and communication but I have also felt this supportive mind when working with colleagues. This allows me to talk to customers and face difficult goals with confidence and pride.

Ikumi Ozaki-Polito, Group Accountant, ASK Chemicals Japan

I joined ASK Chemicals Japan in August 2015. Having worked in a number of prominent Japanese companies in New York, I was eager to stay globally connected after returning to Japan. What I like most about ASK Chemicals is that everyone is given equal opportunity to increase their professional experience and advance their career.  Although I work for the regional office in Japan, I have also spent the last two years working as a group accountant with corporate headquarters in Hilden, Germany. This experience has provided me with many occasions to cooperate with and learn from executives and regional managers from around the world.

Mr. Kunal Gokhale

“I started my journey with ASK in January 2018 as a Regional Sales Manager and soon after I was also entrusted with an additional responsibility of Product Management Feeding Systems due to my past training in this subject. In my experience, handling two diverse portfolios has offered me a chance to engage with ASK’s products in both technical as well as commercial capacity. As a Product Manager, my key responsibilities include extending technical support to the Regional Sales Team, and making decisions on product pricing and inventory management. Being a part of the sales team allows me to be in constant touch with the customers and keeps me updated with the current market trends. Co-operative and supportive colleagues and a conducive work climate helps me in achieving targets & handling my responsibilities effectively. In the coming years, I would like to develop a wider customer group for mini risers and 3D filters in a developing foundry market like India.”

Youngwoo Jin, General Administration, Finance & Accounting

I joined ASK Chemicals Korea in 2016. It was the first step in my career path. I had never worked in other companies except for an internship program. My role here is to manage general admin, as well as finance and accounting. What I really like is that ASK Chemicals offers opportunities for career and continuous improvement. Also, we have a generous compensation package at ASK Chemicals Korea. All of this is much better than what is offered by other similar-sized companies in Korea. However, there is a far more attractive reason why I would like to recommend working for ASK Chemicals Korea. When I was invited to join ASK Chemicals Korea, I was uncertain how the future would be. But from the first moment I stepped into the office all my concerns and doubts were gone. I felt welcome from the first moment. Everybody was very friendly and nice. I played a ball game with my team members. We went out for drink together after work. I did not feel a ‘sense of difference’ at all. When I watched the movie ‘Band of Brothers’ which shows how comradeship is lived among soldiers, I personally felt the same. The comradeship described in the movie is not different from culture of care for colleagues and workers we have in ASK Chemicals Korea.

Raul Melo, Accounting and Tax Coordinator

I started my journey in ASK in 2018, responsible for Accounting and Tax Department. and since then, I’ve been working hard with a plenty of challenges, mainly in Tax, where a lot of changes happen in Brazil in accounting area, we always look to demonstrate the operation of the company in numbers. During my work day, I face lots of deadline, whether in brazil (government deliveries) or with Corporate (monthly Closing Process in BPC - SAP) reporting figures on time is not an easy thing, but absolutely necessary. And at the year end, our final reports need to be validated by the external auditors. So is very important, being critical and analytical, presenting  accurate figures, to the administration  take the decisions based in a strong and  confident results, and I’m very grateful, because I need information of all areas in the company. That is why I love been part of this family called ASK, we can count of each other, and delivery all tasks on time, we are better together.