Step #1 – From Concept:

Design and manufacturing should ideally work hand-in-hand. That is why our approach puts the end result in mind from the very start. In doing so, time and money is not wasted in redesign and rework.

  • World Class Expertise
  • Accelerated Development Process

Step #2 – Design by Analysis:

Our Design Services team works with the customer to define the specific resources and process required. We personally visit your site(s) to fully understand the critical fixed & flexible aspects of your process. Then we utilize industry leading software taking into consideration your unique system.

  • Optimized Production
  • Virtual Validation (i.e. simulation)
  • Full Launch Support

Step #3 – Prototyping:

After completing simulations specifically engineered to meet your process requirements we then create a functional prototype that mirrors your actual manufacturing process: from consumable materials to finishing.

  • Engineered Prototypes
  • Lower Amortized Production Casting Costs
  • Design and Manufacture Production and Prototype Tooling