Stain-blocking wall and decorative wall paints

Aliphatic modified alkyd emulsions can be used to formulate wall paints with low shrinking properties and excellent application properties. NECOWEL 4300 is a patented binder for stain blocking paints. It is a cationic modified alkyd emulsion which combines the stainblocking properties of cationic systems with advantages in application properties.

NECOWEL 4300 & 4400

Unique stain-blocking properties with NECOWEL 4300 & 4400!

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Stain-blocking wall paints

NECOWEL 4300 EN Order sample
NECOWEL 4400 EN Order sample
NECOWEL 2275 EN Order sample
NECOWEL 2329 EN Order sample
NECOWEL 9076 EN Order sample

Trim coatings

NECOWEL resins can be used to formulate aqueous trim paints that are of the same quality as conventional trim paints created using solvent-based alkyd resins. It is free of both solvents and plasticizers and features good drying characteristics and a high gloss. This gives rise to a binding agent for formulating VOC-free trim paints with excellent flow properties.

Trim paints

NECOWEL 5110 EN Order sample
NECOWEL 5088 EN Order sample
NECOWEL 9076 EN Order sample