ASK Chemicals considers integrity and compliance as core values and is committed to conducting its business honestly and ethically. We owe our honest, good faith services to our customers, our suppliers, and each other. ASK Chemicals expects its employees to follow ethical principles and act with good sense in engaging with others, including ASK Chemicals employees, authorities and regulators, business partners, competitors, and customers.

Our Compliance Commitments: 

  • We provide high quality products and excellent services in an ethical and transparent manner. 
  • We abide by the laws, regulations, and ethical practices of each country in which we operate. 
  • We operate safe work environments and prioritize the safety of our colleagues and our communities. We promote environmentally sound practices and sustainable development. 
  • We uphold principles of free competition and avoid even the appearance of any kind of collusion, and conduct our business on fair and transparent terms. 
  • We handle market information with care and do not use inside information for personal gain. We will not engage in any kind of self-dealing or request, accept, offer, or give any improper advantage or anything of value in connection with our business operations. 
  • We put the interests of ASK Chemicals and its customers first, separating private interests from those of the company and immediately disclosing potential conflicts of interest. 
  • We cooperate with and engage openly in all dealings with government authorities and the public. 
  • We welcome diversity among ASK Chemicals employees, customers, and suppliers, and treat others with honesty, respect, and open-mindedness. 
  • We do not discriminate against or disparage others on the grounds of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, ideology, physical or mental disability, sexual or gender orientation, or age, and we do not tolerate any form of sexual harassment. 
  • We prepare and document the results of scientific and technical work in accordance with prevailing scientific standards, respect the proprietary rights of others, keep patent registrations secret until publication, and protect trade secrets. 
  • We are accountable for our own behavior and act as a role model for other employees in all aspects of our work.

Code of Conduct

Conflict Minerals and Metals Compliance

Integrity System

Compliance is particularly important to ASK Chemicals, it’s employees and management for several reasons. It is our civic responsibility to conduct business in accordance with the existing legal framework in each individual country, in which we operate. It is our firm belief, that this is the only path to developing a successful and sustainable business.

ASK is therefore pleased to introduce our integrity (whistleblower) system. This platform is available to employees, customers, service providers, suppliers and any other third parties involved in business with ASK, who may have concerns about Compliance violations. You can report information confidentially via NAVEX, an external service provider completely independent of ASK.