Cold Box Binder Systems

Learn more about ASK Chemicals Cold Box Binder solutions. More


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No-Bake Binder Systems

Our No-Bake Binder portfolio comprises furan resins as well as phenolic urethane no-bakes (PUNB) binders. More

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Learn more about our INOTEC binder system - a new inorganic and therefore emission-free core binder variant on a silicate basis for the foundries. More

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Learn more about INOBAKE - our inorganic no-bake binder. More

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Our Coatings are far more than a pure barrier between the sand and metal. More

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The usage of additives provides an opportunity both to increase productivity and to ensure high-quality casting. More

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Risers & sleeves

We provide the foundry industry with the highest quality and variety of sleeves & risers available. More

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We offer a full portfolio of metal filtration products for all metal types and applications. More

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Auxiliaries & Release Agents

Our portfolio comprises release agents, adhesives, cleaners, core-putty-fillers, cope seals and vents. More

Metallurgical products

Our portfolio of metallurgical products comprises inoculants, Mg treatment wires, inoculation wires and pre-alloys for iron casting. More

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Design services

Find out how our Design Services portfolio can give you an edge over your competition. More

Core production

We are an efficient, certified core manufacturer. More