Ensure long-term competitiveness with sustainable products

Protecting the environment and employees from emissions: This is one of the major current challenges facing the foundry industry, which we at ASK Chemicals are addressing. With our product portfolio, we support customers who want to produce in an environmentally and employee-friendly manner, without sacrificing economy and quality.
Our sustainability approach is to reduce emissions of phenol, formaldehyde, VOCs, and aromatic hydrocarbons (e.g. BTX) while increasing the effectiveness of the products. 
Innovative technology platforms such as ECOCURE BLUE and INOTEC, as well as product packages such as the Low Formaldehyde System (LFS) offer answers to typical challenges in the foundry industry related to emissions.

Compliance with emission limits

Meeting environmental requirements while reducing costs is especially important to us when developing innovative products. We have prioritized educating ourselves on the latest air quality control limits within a foundry and how best to comply with regulations. Find out more details about this and our innovative products now.

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INOTEC - The completely emission-free binder system

The current optimum in terms of environmental protection is the patented inorganic binder technology. The INOTEC process for aluminum casting is characterized by a positive ecological balance and increased productivity in the manufacturing processes. It is completely emission-free; additional measures for filtering or treating the exhaust air are not necessary.

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Comply with new formaldehyde limits with LFS

Stricter regulatory requirements concern, for example, formaldehyde emissions in foundry exhaust air. In Germany, these have to be reduced to 5 mg/m3 in exhaust gas flows. With the Low Formaldehyde System (LFS) we support our customers in achieving them. The package consisting of ECOCURE BLUE LFS binder, MIRATEC LFS coating, and VEINO LFS additive makes it possible to meet emission limit values with pinpoint accuracy and to improve occupational safety without having to invest in secondary measures such as scrubbers or regenerative thermal oxidation (RTO). 

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ECOCURE BLUE with a holistic approach

The new ECOCURE BLUE family stands for the holistic approach to product innovations, combining efficiency with a significant reduction in emissions. With the PU cold box ECOCURE BLUE, ASK Chemicals has introduced the first hazard label-free cold box part 1 component in the history of binder chemistry. It is possible to significantly reduce the amount of binder required and thus significantly reduce the BTX emissions during casting. The low phenol content of <1% in the binder ensures that the pollution of old sand is reduced, and landfill is made easier.

The youngest members of the ECOCURE BLUE family now offer users even more options: ECOCURE BLUE is now called ECOCURE BLUE Pure and offers the advantages already mentioned. ECOCURE BLUE ULTRA contains <0.01% formaldehyde but has the same properties. The product family is now supplemented by ECOCURE BLUE ICE, which can be stored at temperatures as low as -18 degrees.

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New PU no-bake reduces phenol emissions

Modern foundries are increasingly relying on the PEP SET process due to its processing properties, better casting results, and higher productivity. PEP SET SILVER is a new solution from ASK Chemicals for reducing phenol emissions in the PU no-bake process: the next generation of the self-curing binder system based on polyurethane. The particularly low proportion of monomers, especially phenol, is a feature of PEP SET SILVER. The phenol concentrations in the reclaim are significantly reduced with the help of PEP SET SILVER. 

It has been shown in practical applications that the phenol concentrations in the reclaim can be significantly reduced using PEP SET SILVER. In addition to advantages for the environment, this also means a clear benefit for profitability as landfill costs decrease. In addition, employees and residents in neighboring residential areas will appreciate the use of the new technology due to the reduced smoke pollution.

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