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ASK Chemicals Group is a global supplier of high-performance industrial resins and materials.

The Foundry division, which is one of the world’s largest and most innovative suppliers of foundry chemicals and consumables, offers an exceptionally wide and innovative range of foundry chemicals including binders, coatings, release agents as well as high-performance consumable i.e. mini-risers, filters or metallurgical products for iron casting.

The Industrial Resins division is a leader in the field of specialty phenolic resins. It serves a large variety of applications such as abrasives (e.g. sand paper), friction (e.g. disk brake pads), refractory (e.g. heat resistant material for furnaces), impregnation (of paper or felt), timber (e.g. plywood), and foundry. Our phenolic resins are the preferred choice when it comes to meeting the highest requirements in the areas of fire protection, energy consumption, service lifetime, health, and safety at work.

ASK Chemicals has a production and sales network in 22 countries and employs approximately 1800 people worldwide. The group sees itself as a driving force of industry-specific innovations with research centers and laboratories in Europe, Asia, America and Africa.

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