UDICELL investment casting filters – consisting of UDICELL Zirconia & EXACTFLO Alumina – fulfill the highest demands for the production of ferrous and non-ferrous investment castings in the aerospace, energy and medical sectors as well as for commercial applications. Available for use in the shell mold itself, within a pouring cup, in-line with the runner system, or as gate filters all available in pore sizes ranging rom 10-45 PPI.

Available in a variety of special shapes, as well as dual pore sizes, tapered edges, edge coating and with high temperature fiber gaskets. ASK Chemicals also produces dam and cylindrical shaped filters for alloy manufacturers.

Advantages of UDICELL Investment Casting Filters:
• Capture of non-metallic inclusions to improve casting properties
• Reduction in molten metal turbulence and trapped gas
• Custom sizes and shapes differentiate us from other suppliers

UDICELL Investment Casting Filters: Edge Coat Treatments

– Range of fiber gasket materials to ensure a snug fit
SEC – Smooth uniform edge coating for straight wall filters
FEC – Durable edge coating applied to tapers and special shapes
No Edge Coat – Standard filter webs

UDICELL Investment Casting Filters: Cup Filter Placement

• Cup filters should be placed as close to the bottom of the cup as possible
• It is preferred to cover the entire surface area of the filter as quickly as possible
• Greater metal head pressure helps filter flow and priming