Our NECOLIN alkyd resin emulsions and GP phenolic resins are ideal fo formulating anti-corrosive primers and coatings. 

NECOLIN 3100 is an oxidative drying solvent based alkyd resin with medium oil length based on fish oil. The fish oil component provides excellent wetting and penetration properties on different substrates. 

GP PHENOLIC RESIN BKS 2600 is a pure heat-reactive phenolic resin. BKS 2600 provides the highest level of chemical resistance except against strong alkaline media and can be used as sole binder for interior protective coatings for drums.

Resins for Protective Coatings

GP BKS 2610 LF EN Order sample
GP BKS 2600 EN Order sample
GP BKS 2610 EN Order sample
NECOLIN 3100 EN Order sample
NECOLIN F2080 EN Order sample
NECOLIN F2080SB EN Order sample


GP CK 2400 EN Order sample