Coatings from ASK Chemicals are much more than a simple layer between sand and molten metal. They largely determine the surface quality of the casting and systematically remedy casting defects. While all our coating systems are primarily characterized by the fact that they make for excellent casting results, minor fettling work and increased productivity and efficiency in the pouring process, the use of water-based coatings provides other unbeatable advantages. No solvents are used for the dilution, which is why water-based coatings are emission-free, do not pose a risk to employees and reduce the cost of dilution. Foundries can therefore dispense with installing Ex equipment and need not adopt any extra fire safety measures. Finally, storage volumes are unlimited with water-based coatings. Our water-based coatings produce significantly more convincing casting results than conventional coatings.

Industry-leading Coatings for Ideal Casting

  • Decades of coating expertise
  • Comprehensive application portfolio
  • Progressive eco-friendly options
  • Tailor-made coating solutions
  • Holistic value-added services