EXACTCAST mini-risers are thick walled, highly efficient riser sleeves. Designed to be used in ram-up or spot feeding applications, the fast igniting highly efficient exothermic / insulating sleeves allow for a 60%-70% feed efficiency. This, in-turn, promotes higher yields than typically found in traditional riser sleeves. These risers are ideal for feeding isolated sections or locations with limited contact area.
ASK Chemicals EXACTCAST mini-risers also come in a wide variety of metal neck designs to further reduce contact area and, thus, finishing time/expense.

Advantages of EXACTCAST Mini-Risers:
• Highly efficient
• Maximized yields
• Reduced contact area
• Available in fluorine-free models
• Consistent thermal properties and Performance

Mini-Riser Film

Mini Riser Principle

EXACTCAST KMV mini-risers for optimum yield in steel applications

Conventional risers used in steel casting generally do not use the complete riser volume to counteract the shrinkage deficit. The output from these risers is just 30%. The remaining 70% of the volume is used to keep warm the 30% of the liquid metal required for feeding.
It is precisely here that the fiber-free EXACTCAST KMV mini-riser for steel casting comes into play. While retaining the feeding power, the volume can be reduced, as the exothermal mass replaces the non-feed.

EXACTCAST OPTIMA Risers for serial castings

The EXACTCAST OPTIMA risers have a loose integrated metal neck in the bottom part of the riser and the corresponding pin. These act as a precisely defined breaking point. The virtually frictionless sleeve and the integrated riser cap prevent crumbling particles from falling into the mold. Mold contamination and the associated casting defects are therefore eliminated, raising the cycle times on molding systems. Both variants are available fluorine-free.