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Check out our movies highlighting the wide range of foundry products and processes available. You can learn all about the advantages of the various products, how best to use them, and what you can do to standartize processes at your foundry. 

Flooding - Process of Coatings

Best practice in the flow coating process.

Dipping - Process of Coatings

Best practices in the dipping process of coatings.

Determination of coating's properties

Overview on the determination of the following coating's properties: density, viscosity, wetting behavior and mat layer thickness.


Essential process and success parameters for the application of INOTEC.


INOTEC 3D - patented Technology

Riser positioning

Determination of the correct riser distance

EXACTCAST principles

Principles of the EXACTCAST mini riser


Customizable 3D Filters

Release Agents

Application of Ecopart FR 54 Spacer Varnish.


Combined use hot melting and cold adhesives.

Design Services

ASK Chemicals Core Shooting Simulation

Arena Flow

Arena-Flow Software

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