The cleaning of the melt and the reduction of deposit to ladle and furnace linings are essential for the molded part quality and reduction of maintenance costs.

Melt Cleaning with DISPERSIT

DISPERSIT is a new method of metallurgical purification of molten iron. DISPERSIT reduces the surface tension of the molten metal and assists the coagulation of foreign particles or reaction products, which can thus rise at an accelerated rate. In addition, DISPERSIT reduces the formation of reaction product (slag) deposits on the treatment ladle, pouring ladle and pouring furnace lining. When using DISPERSIT, the addition of alloys containing Mg can be reduced during the production of cast iron with nodular graphite. For example, 1 kg DISPERSIT is generally a substitute for 1 - 2 kg of a 5 % FeSiMg alloy; there are corresponding empirical values when using other FeSiMg alloys. The use of DISPERSIT is often successful in reducing the scrap rate caused by dross and inclusions by over 50%.

Your benefits

  • Preconditioning of molten metal
  • Reduction of slag on the ladle and furnace lining
  • Reduction of dross and slag inclusions