Living diversity 

We embrace diversity at ASK Chemicals and firmly believe that a diverse and inclusive culture makes us more successful.

Diverse, multi-faceted teams bring together different perspective, expertise and backgrounds. They are more creative and effective than homogeneously composed teams. Project, products and services developed by such teams tend to be more successful.

Hence, we clearly cultivate and strengthen a prejudice-free and appreciative working environment in our group. 

Signing the Diversity Charter

By signing the Diversity Charter, we are setting a clear sign for diversity, equal opportunities and tolerance in the workplace.

We value all our employees regardless of gender and identity, nationality, ethic origin, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation.

Strong fellowship and community

Dr. Paula Vivas, R & D Manager Coatings & Auxiliaries

Micheline Araujo, Human Resources Manager Brazil

A progressive thriving culture

Ikumi Ozaki-Polito, Financial Analyst

Philisile Thusi, Human Resources Manager

Lisa McKay, Global ESG Manager 

An inspiring atmosphere

Jitka Fialova, Global Master Data Management

Martin Oberleiter, Technical Product Manager Inorganics

Reinhard Stötzel, Global Expert Coatings and Additives

Dr. Sritama Kar, R & D Manager Cold Box

Ronaldo Rodrigues, Junior Technical Product Manager Coatings

Diversity Charter - We are part of it.

Our organizational culture thrives on the mutual appreciation of each and every individual; we respect each other and work together globally without prejudice and with an open mind.

Press release - ASK Chemicals GmbH signs the Diversity Charter

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