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Friction resins

On Demand - Latest innovation of wear resistant friction resin

Meet our expert Thinus Bezuidenhout and learn more about how tailored resins can improve wear resistance by 65 %.

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Total Cost of ownership

On Demand -  Optimizing casting processes by use of foundry chemicals and the total-cost-of-ownership-concept

Learn more about this webinar of Nurettin Öztekin.

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Saving Energy Costs

On Demand - An extra pair of socks won't help - Reducing electricity and gas costs in foundries with innovative coatings and riser technologies

Meet our experts Dr. Reinhard Stötzel and Marcus Friederici.

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On Demand - Optimize cores and molds digitally - with best-in-class core making simulation Arena-flow®

Learn all about the unique capabilities of Arena-Flow®, and what's new in the latest release.

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On Demand - Emission reduction potentials in high-volume applications

Meet our experts Pierre-Henri Vacelet, Dr. Christian Appelt and Dr. Morten Ghiladi and learn more on “Reduction of emission in the large serial casting production”.

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On Demand - Smoke suppression in PEP SET sand systems through the use of additives

Meet our expert Dr. Paula Vivas on "Smoke Suppression in Phenolic Urethane-bonded Sand Systems Through Additives".

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External core production

On Demand - Advantages of external core production (German only)

Meet our expert Matthias Busch and learn more about the "Advantages of external core production".

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New cold box release agent

On Demand - New cold box release agent

Meet our expert Stacey Clifford on "New lower viscosity 100% active cold box release agent".

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On Demand - EXACTCAST Paddings for more freedom of design and faster time-to-market

Meet our expert Marcus Friederici and learn more on “Advanced options for solidification control with EXACTCAST paddings in iron and steel castings”.

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On Demand - Improved casting quality and optimized environmental footprint with modular feeding system 

Meet our experts Stefan Fischer and Michele Valle, and learn more about how the modular OPTIMA risers perfectly fit your casting process.

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On Demand - Wire process evaluation options - evaluation, trial & implementation

Meet our expert Frank Pyzynski and learn more about the conversion option to the wire process.


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On Demand - In large castings, small defects become a big problem! 

Learn from our expert David Heckman how 3D technology works in large casting. He explains foam filtration and presents the beneficial 3D technology filtration. 

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Zircon-free coatings

On Demand - Made for steel: A new generation of coatings based on synthetic refractories

Learn from our expert Dr. Reinhard Stötzel what advantages the high-performance coatings offer in terms of work safety and environmental protection, and where costs can also be reduced.

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Tubular Filters

On Demand - Reduce production costs in large castings with the use of tubular filters

Learn from our expert Ulrich Voigt how the tubular filter works and what other advantages it offers.


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VOC-optimized binder

On Demand - VOC-optimized binder systems for reducing pollution during core production and storage

Learn from our expert Frank Lenzen about possible levers to meet future requirements and stricter VOC limits using VOC reduced binder systems.

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3D binder systems

On Demand - Binder systems for 3D printing of sand core

Learn from our expert Dr. Dominik Polsakiewicz about challenges and advantages for 3D binder systems and recommended guidelines for binder selection.

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Higher accuracy with Cut Inoculants

On Demand - Accuracy and metallurgy in one sentence? It's possible with our new inoculants

Learn from our expert Horst Herbst, metallurgy application engineer, what advantages the new generation of cut inoculants has to offer.

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Coating-free Castings and Specialty Sand

On Demand - Small addition - big effect! Reduce the use of coatings and specialty sands

Learn about how to achieve a defect-free casting result without coating or specialty sands from our expert Dr. Reinhard Stötzel, Global Expert Coatings and Additives.

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New environmentally-friendly furan resin

On Demand - MAGNASET 2.0 – New generation of environmentally-friendly furan resins with improved classification

Learn from our expert Dr. Nicolas Riensch about advantages and performance of the second generation of MAGNASET.

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Inventory Management via Container Volume Tracking

On Demand - Keep track of your tanks! Inventory Management via Container Volume Tracking

Learn all about the possibilities within mobile container tracking but more importantly how volume tracking can help ensure the availability of your stocks.

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ASK NOW - Virtual Field Services

On Demand  - ASKNow, Virtual Field Services within Traditional Manufacturing

Learn about ASKNow, a virtual field services within the foundry industry and what advantages it has compared to AR or live-streaming services solutions.

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KMV XL risers + paddings - a perfect match

On Demand - KMV XL + EXACTCAST paddings, a powerful team: We introduce the technology behind the products and how to combine them

Our expert explains the guidelines for the best application as well as the benefits for the foundry value chain.

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