Virtual Field Services within Traditional Manufacturing

Within many traditional manufacturing industries face-to-face service and support is not only expected, it’s considered mandatory. The global pandemic, however, challenged this latter belief, as many production facilities closed their doors to outside service vendors in hopes of reducing the spread of the virus. Out of necessity, creative solutions were being tested to help curb the sudden lack of in-person technical support. The advantages of these solutions have been established and they are now being successfully continued.

In this webinar Charles Hoertz, Head of Digitalization, presents the solution ASKNow, a virtual field services within the foundry industry and what advantages it has compared to augmented reality (AR) or live-streaming services (e.g., Apple Facetime) solutions.

Who should attend the webinar?

  • Traditional Manufacturing Manager
  • Industrial Sectors Manager
  • Foundry Engineers
  • Foundry Production Manager
  • Operations Manager


Charles Hoertz, Head of Global Digitalization

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