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MAGNASET 2.0 - New generation of environmentally friendly furan resins with improved qualifications

ASK Chemicals has developed MAGNASET as new generation of furan resins with reduced free furfuryl alcohol content featuring a milder classification and a performance comparable to conventional furan resins. Most recently,  a 2nd generation of MAGNASET with improved storage stability and excellent reactivity.

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Fluorine-free risers for more sustainability in the foundry

The use of fluorine-free risers not only reduces surface defects on the casting, but also graphite degeneration.

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Release Agents - Correct Classification

In 2008, the GHS Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008, known as the CLP Regulation (Classification, Labeling and Packaging), was adopted. After the expiry of all transition periods on 01.01.2017, it has now fully replaced all the "old" directives.

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Reducing costs in large castings

The use of filters offers great potential for reducing costs in the production of large iron and steel castings. It also provides further interesting advantages in the production chain.

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Coatings Saving Potential

The change from alcohol-based to water-based coating offers considerable cost reduction potential and other interesting advantages for large castings. If the foundry also dispenses with zirconium in the coating formulation, savings are achieved in two ways. All details are summarized in our article.

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Sand Binder Systems

A 13-part series filled with useful and up-to-date information about sand binder systems. In this series, we will discuss the topic of foundry binders and related processes.

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All our technical knowledge about specific topics are bundled here. Have a look and see every technical paper at once.

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