Our statement on Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility

Accepting challenges - designing the future

As one of the leading supplier to the global foundry industry and a global supplier of high-performance phenolic resins, we see ourselves as responsible for acting sustainably. In doing so, we take into account all facets of sustainability. We not only act sustainably to protect the environment, but also in the interests of our employees and business partners. With our innovative products, we help our customers around the world to more efficiently produce environmentally friendly solutions.

Effective, essential, success-oriented - our understanding of sustainability

We are always working to make our workflows and our products more efficient, as well as environmentally- and workplace-
friendlier. For us, sustainability is a long-term challenge that we brace utilizing multiple measures. We do not only mean a contribution to climate and environmental protection. Sustainability is just as important to us as a success factor. With sustainable behavior, we save material, conserve resources and, in addition to emissions, reduce costs - and thus increase our competitiveness. Last but not least, with our sustainable way of working, we support our customers in also acting in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.

More than an intent 

With our sustainable way of working, we secure work sites, and challenge ourselves again and again. For example, we regularly submit selected sites to a CSR rating by EcoVadis. The assessment is based upon the topics of environment, labor practices, human rights, fair business practices and sustainable procurement. This enables us to identify our strengths and weaknesses and to focus on areas where there is a need for optimization in the sense of continuous improvement.

 Protection beyond the environment - our sustainability space. 

We always try to be sustainable in the holistic sense. This endeavor extends to many functions:

We want to avoid every and all accidents at ASK Chemicals plants and sites. To achieve this goal, we live a consistent safety culture, which we implement through various measures, such as job-specific safety analyzes or health promotion projects. A large part of our production sites are certified to BS OHSAS 18001 (in the future DIN EN ISO 45001).

The success of ASK Chemicals and its subsidiaries depends to a large extent on the dedication and skill of our employees. Engineers, chemists, marketing and sales managers, production operators - colleagues of different backgrounds and ages work side by side. This opens up new perspectives, promotes creativity and innovation, and ultimately drives the success of our company. ASK Chemicals recognizes the importance of this diversity for the company‘s success and actively encourages it.

As part of the success planning of our valued employees, we offer high-quality training programs, which we regularly adapt to the needs of the company. The personal development of our trainees is particularly important to us, because it is precisely in an internationally positioned company that a look beyond the horizon, as well as flexibility and team-oriented action are prerequisites for successful engagement. As part of our talent management, we continue to specifically develop talent in order to prepare them for management tasks within the company.

With their motivation, expertise and service focus, our coworkers have made ASK Chemicals what it is today: one of the leading supplier to the global foundry industry and a global supplier of high-performance phenolic resins. For this reason, it is important for us to provide our employees with the best possible support in their daily challenges. With the initiative ASK + ME we want to guide our employees through the complex working world. We believe certain behaviors help make ASK Chemicals and its team even more successful in managing complex situations in the future: being brave, connected, positive, keeping promises, creating value.

ASK Chemicals meets the challenges of the modern workplace and enables flexible working. We have implemented different options, for example, flexible working hours, reduced worktime with tenure, as well as home office alternative.

When selecting our suppliers, we attach particular importance to their ability to deliver products and services on time and within the agreed quality specifications. We commit our suppliers to the quality and social standards of ASK Chemicals. In addition, we ensure that purchased products and services are consistent with the Company‘s environmental and safety policies and with local and international laws.

Our Code of Conduct for Suppliers defines the minimum requirements for all suppliers to do business with the ASK Chemicals Group. It is part of all of our contractual relationships between the ASK Chemicals Group and its suppliers.

We are fully committed to respecting human and labor rights and are seeking to promote their implementation throughout the value chain. We expect our business partners to respect human and labor rights as well as health and safety at work. Child labor and forced labor are not tolerated.

We are always working to develop sustainable solutions for our customers. We pursue different approaches such as production based on renewable raw materials. In terms of research and development, we consider the entire life cycle of the products in order to ensure both the sustainability of the manufacturing process and the environmentally friendly and efficient use of the end products. This allows, for example, less waste or minimized use of materials with a reduction in CO2 emissions due to energy savings. In addition, we are constantly working to further develop products with less harmful substances to reduce the risk of adverse environmental, health and safety impacts.

With innovative solutions, we have already taken a decisive step towards an emissions-free future. With one of our top products for 100% sustainability in the foundry process, we provide a binder system which is inorganic, therefore completely emission-free and already TÜV-certified. A further product is free of hazardous ingredients and thus contributes significantly to the protection of the environment and employees. Emissions can be reduced over the entire casting process. A partner supplies air purification systems which complement our technology, where they reach the limits of organic chemistry and reduce residual emissions.

Our production facilities are diverse. Both in terms of manufactured products, as well as in terms of resource intensity and energy requirements. With our safe facilities we guarantee occupational health for our employees and reduce the environmental impact. At the Wülfrath location, for example, we minimize the environmental risk with a state-of-the-art protection system. Consistent environmental and energy management is the basis for implementing valuable energy efficiency measures that have a direct or indirect positive impact on the environment. ASK Chemicals is DIN EN ISO 14001 certified at all major production sites, in part according to DIN EN ISO 50001 and BS OHSAS 18001 (future DIN EN ISO 45001).

It is the guiding principle of all employees, executives and members of management (collectively, the „employees“) within the ASK Chemicals Group to conduct business in accordance with existing laws and corporate policies. As a result, ASK Chemicals has adopted globally binding policies that encourage and help employees integrate these requirements into their day-to-day actions to prevent violations of laws and corporate policies. Various measures, such as staff training, checklists, incident-related compliance meetings, the introduction of a global integrity system, etc., help to ensure that compliance is permanently and prominently anchored in the corporate culture. The Code of Conduct is an integral part of the compliance culture in the ASK Chemicals Group and summarizes the values, principles and guidelines for the corporate conduct of all employees for all stakeholders.