Ditch the pitch! Solutions for tar-free refractories

As industries strive for more environmentally friendly practices, the composition of refractory materials plays a crucial role. The use of coal-tar pitch across a range of applications is a true challenge for manufacturers. Exploring alternatives, such as a tar-free binder, could offer a more feasible approach to producing taphole clays, crucibles, and refractories in replacing the harmful material.
Additionally, toxic emissions during the use of refractory products are a pressing issue. To minimize these emissions and ensure workplace safety, tar-free refractories can help.

In this webinar, our expert Thinus Bezuidenhout, Global Technical Product Manager Industrial Resins, will discuss viable solutions to these challenges by looking at the latest progressive developments in phenolic resin technology. He will also dive into the possibilities of the latest product innovation when it comes to the shelf life of exported tap hole clays or cracking during production of crucibles and bricks.
Find out how various critical attributes can be combined in phenolic resins to solve these common problems.

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    Live Webinar on April 18 at 3pm (CEST) - approx. 30 min   English Webinar

    Thinus Bezuidenhout, Global Technical Product Manager Industrial Resins

    Who should participate in this webinar?

    • Product development engineers
    • Process engineers
    • Procurement and production managers
    • Plant managers
    • Technical sales 
    • Environmental department 
    • Purchaser 
    • Interested parties from the automotive and heavy truck, railroad, mining/ construction and heavy industry sectors