About ASK Chemicals

We are leaders in foundry chemicals and a global player in high-performance phenolic resins.

The Foundry division, which is one of the world’s largest and most innovative suppliers of foundry chemicals and consumables, offers an exceptionally wide and innovative range of foundry chemicals including binders, coatings, release agents as well as high-performance consumable i.e. mini-risers, filters or metallurgical products for iron casting.
The Industrial Resins division is a leader in the field of specialty phenolic resins. It serves a large variety of applications such as abrasives (e.g. sand paper), friction (e.g. disk brake pads), refractory (e.g. heat resistant material for furnaces), impregnation (of paper or felt) and timber (e.g. plywood). Our phenolic resins are the preferred choice when it comes to meeting the highest requirements in the areas of fire protection, energy consumption, service lifetime, health, and safety at work.

Trend-Setting Technologies

Our Customer-specific applications and trend-setting innovations are developed effectively and quickly in our research and development centers in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. This allows ASK Chemicals to offer its customers tailor-made technological solutions in response to complex problems.
It is important for us to always work hand-in-hand with our customers in developing successful solutions for the increasingly complex requirements regarding quality, cost efficiency, productivity and environmental friendliness.

Think Globally, Act Locally

Thanks to our global network, complemented by a local presence on site, our customers benefit from rapid access to state of the art technoogy as well as the complete technological expertise of ASK Chemicals in its entirety. Besides, we offer our customers first-class quality, safety and continuity for their production requirements at all times.

Dedicated to the Environment

The challenges facing the global industries are mainly to be found in energy and resource efficiency as well as the reduction of emissions. As a global supplier of high-performance industrial resins and as one of the leading suppliers for the foundry industry, ASK Chemicals therefore systematically develops solutions for environmentally and employee-friendly applications that also increase efficiency along the entire production process.

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