The INOTEC binder system is a new inorganic and therefore emission-free core binder variant on a silicate basis for the foundries, especially for aluminum casting. The idea of sustainability is fully reflected in the INOTEC technology.

The importance of the patented INOTEC technology and thus the quantities of inorganically produced castings are rising steadily. The technology is suitable for aluminum and iron casting as well as non-ferrous metal casting applications. The inorganic binder system constitutes a persuasive choice, especially in highly productive and challenging segments such as the manufacture of engine blocks and cylinder heads in permanent mold casting.

In addition to the clear environmental benefits, INOTEC technology scores points in particular with its technological characteristics and its impressive ability to improve productivity over conventional technologies. The development of inorganic binder technology into a binder system ready for series production and the market was driven to a large extent by ASK Chemicals.

  • Patented technology
  • Leading provider of inorganic binder technology
  • Technological, economic and environmental benefit

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