NECOWEL Alkyd Resins and Copolymer Emulsions for Wood Coatings

Copolymer emulsions based on NECOWEL FLE are the preferred binders for wood stains, wood impregnating varnishes and wood care like teak oil. The extreme low viscosity of the base resin exhibits excellent wetting and colour enhancement of the wood fibers. Open pore varnishes systems based on NECOWEL products feature an outstanding penetration behavior, good stability and water resistance.

Dr. Jan Klesing
Technical Product Manager Specialties

Open-pore wood stains

NECOWEL FLE55CF EN Order sample
NECOWEL FLE55R EN Order sample
NECOWEL FLE55LR EN Order sample

Film-forming wood coatings

NECOWEL 2329 EN Order sample
NECOWEL 9076 EN Order sample
NECOLIN F2080 EN Order sample
NECOLIN F2080SB EN Order sample

Wood protection

NECOLIN FL2000 EN Order sample

Stain-blocking primers

NECOWEL 4300 EN Order sample


Best in class water-based alkyd emulsions for wood applications.

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