Engineered sand additives: Veino Ultra 2000

Foundries are constantly striving to increase the productivity and efficiency of their processes. The reduction of scrap rates and cleaning effort as well as the use of efficient raw and auxiliary materials are important levers. The latest generation of engineered additives makes an important contribution when it comes to making foundry processes more productive and efficient.
Unlike conventional additives with a simple composition (often iron oxides or wood flour), which are purely auxiliary materials for the avoidance of veining and penetration in the casting, the new generation of engineered additives are complex built-up solid mixtures that perform multiple functions and offer valuable additional benefits. VEINO ULTRA 2000 is an engineered additive, that gives advantages in the overall process, which makes it significantly different from other additives.

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Pep Set Silver

Modern foundries are increasingly relying on the PEP SET process due to its processing properties, better casting results, and higher productivity. PEP SET SILVER is a new solution from ASK Chemicals for reducing phenol emissions in the PU no-bake process: the next generation of the self-curing binder system based on polyurethane.
The particularly low proportion of monomers, especially phenol, is a feature of PEP SET SILVER. The phenol concentrations in the reclaim are significantly reduced with the help of PEP SET SILVER. In addition to advantages for the environment, this also means a clear benefit for profitability as landfill costs decrease. Your employees and residents in neighboring residential areas will appreciate the use of the new technology due to reduced smoke and odor pollution.

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EXACTPORE 3D filters offer new and more efficient filtration options for highest casting quality. They are characterized by their particularly sophisticated design and well thought-out construction method, offering the highest structural integrity and thus safety and efficiency in use. EXACTPORE 3D filters avoid loose particles and thus prevent contamination of the melt by so-called filter bits and costly rework. EXACTPORE 3D filters offer an increase in productivity through the possible high flow capacity of the filters: All this with almost limitless design possibilities.

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