ASK Chemicals, with its experienced global team of specialists, provides simulations of all types of foundry-related problems, which makes it a qualified partner at every stage from process development to problem-solving.

The ASK Chemicals Design Services Team comes with years of experience in the area of simulation and design. In addition, our engineers have a practical foundry background alongside their expertise within the casting simulation and modeling softwares used today.  

Casting & Solidification

Mold filling simulations at a glance

  • Visualization of the temperature distribution
  • Visualization of the flows, turbulences, areas of risk
  • Visualization of cold laps, hot tears and mold erosion
  • Visualization of air entrapment

Solidification simulations at a glance

  • Visualization of solidification behavior and cooling
  • Visualization of shrinkage-induced porosities
  • Visualization of microstructures
  • Visualization of stresses


Core Making

Core shooting simulations at a glance

  • Visualization of complex shooting processes
  • Visualization of non-filled or insufficiently filled areas
  • Visualization of areas of increased tool wear

Core gassing simulations at a glance

  • Visualization of the flow conditions
  • Visualization of the gas pressures
  • Visualization of inadequately gassed areas

ASK Chemicals use state-of-the-art simulation software from the following suppliers:

Simulations software