REZIANCE Friction Resins

Tailored resins improve wear resistance by 65 %

Our cutting-edge REZIANCE concept offers you individually tailored resins that redefine braking excellence. Experience excellent heat and wear resistance, along with superior fade resistance.

Learn more on our REZIANCE solutions for braking systems and check-out our latest webinar:   Watch now!

Our industry expert Thinus Bezuidenhout, Global Technical Product Manager for Industrial Resins, delves into the groundbreaking advantages of our engineered REZIANCE technology of wear resistant friction backed by a compelling case study.
Under drag conditions at 350°C, the new technology exhibits initial green fade, followed by a marked recovery to within 10 % of the friction level at 150°C. This breakthrough results in a wear rate that's merely 34 % compared to the reference material, showcasing a remarkable 66 % improvement in wear resistance. Join this on-demand webinar and find out what the latest technology has to offer additionally!

Key takeaways:

  • Discover the exceptional wear resistance of the new technology at high temperatures.
  • Gain insights into the favorable recovery capabilities of the new technology.
  • Explore a real-world case study showcasing the advantages of wear resistant friction resins.

Your journey to safer and more reliable braking starts with Reziance.

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Thinus Bezuidenhout, Global Technical Product Manager Industrial Resins