Fiber-Free Formulations: EXACTCAST

IN Series: The IN Series is an insulating formula designed for use with all metals including steel up to a 4 inch / approx. 10 cm thickness.

STL Series: The STL series is a high grade insulating formula designed for use with heavier sectioned steel castings, 3.5 inches / approx. 9 cm thick and higher.

EX Series: The EX series is a standard grade exothermic formulation designed for use with all ferrous metals.

EXF Series: The EXF series is a high performance, fast igniting, fluorine free, exothermic formulation which was developed to eliminate surface defects e.g. fish-eye defects associated with the green sand contamination by traditional fluoride containing exothermic riser sleeves. The low energy required to ignite these sleeves makes them very effective in cold riser applications. They can also be used in steel applications where a fast ignition is required.

Fluorine-free EXACTCAST risers for a clean environment and better casting

The fluorine-free risers from ASK Chemicals offer you crucial quality advantages and can eliminate fluorine contamination of the sand. This benefits both the environment and the foundry by reducing the quantity and disposal costs of the used sand.

Elimination of surface defects: The patented, fluorine-free risers from ASK Chemicals enhance productivity by eliminating surface defects caused by fluorine reactions.

Reduction of graphite degeneration: The patented, fluorine-free recipe helps to minimize graphite degeneration in ductile iron that is usually encountered in the feeder’s zone of action.