Accuracy and metallurgy in one sentence? It's possible with our new inoculants

New generation of cut inoculants offers tight tolerances and high specificity

Heavily stressed castings require precise inoculants for robust results. Even small deviations can affect the mechanical properties of the casting.

To inoculate molten iron, experts at ASK Chemicals Metallurgy developed cut inoculants. The cut inoculants are characterized by high accuracies: Their weight is precisely determined, their contours are exactly measured, and their dimensions are designed to reuse existing core marks. A precise inoculation is therefore suitable for robot-assisted handling and automatic insertion into the mold. Our expert Horst Herbst, Metallurgy Application Engineer, will explain what other advantages the new generation of cut inoculants has to offer.


Horst Herbst, Metallurgy Application Engineer

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